Sans Souci
Agriculture and
Livestock Learning Center 


 Sans Souci, St. Vincent

Type: Cultural/Educational 

Status: Concept

Area: 392 sqm 4220 sqft


Instagram: @gbbdstudio

The Sans Souci Agricultural and Livestock Learning Center was designed for the SVG Diamond Trust, a community-based nonprofit organization. The vision of the trust was to create a vibrant, highly-sustainable and inspiring place for both children and adults. A place where people can learn, and build awareness and understanding about their local resources and environment through sustainable organic farming methods.

The project is composed of three pavilions on a raised platform–a farm shop and kitchen, a classroom, and a washroom facility. The pavilions are positioned following a spiral pattern of organic growth, giving rise to a variety of spaces that feel dynamic and welcoming. At the front of the pavilions, an irrigation wetland is created, combining aesthetic form with ecological function. The stormwater and run-off from the surrounding hills pass through the project site and is naturally channeled by gullies into the sea.

The building’s skin alternates between wood and local stone in response to the functional requirements within. Stone walls provide more sheltered and enclosed spaces, while the louvered timber walls allow light to filter through, creating a rhythm reminiscent of patterns of light found in nature. The louvered slats are angled at different pitches. Gradually opening as they move upward, the slats allow views of the landscape to seep inwards with the tropic breeze. Gradually closing as they move downward, they create a stronger threshold near the bottom where a solid background is favourable.

The three pavilions are linked with a series of overlapping roofs with a substantial overhang that protects from the rain and direct sunlight. This also provides a cooling environment for outdoor workshops as well as a space to linger and enjoy the views of the farm and landscaped agricultural wetland.