Crab & Lobster Cottages


 La Pompe, Bequia

Type: residential

Status: Concept

Area: 400 sqm


Instagram: @gbbdstudio

The project is favourably positioned for a development on a 4-acre plot on the western hillside in Friendship Bay, directly above Bequia Beach Hotel and within walking distance to the beach. The design ambition endeavoured to create two cottages where the sense of place is strong and expressed in an intimate relationship with the island and the sea. The deliberately simple and compact form of the cottages, a rectangle, is divided into two spaces–a living and a sleeping zone. The construction is equally simple with an in-situ concrete cistern anchoring the buildings into the hillside, and local stone and hardwood creating the building skin.

Bespoke designed timber louver doors filter light in a constantly changing way, creating patterns of light and shadow giving the space an unexpected intimacy. When folded away, the full-height openings allow views outward to Friendship Bay and the Grenadine islands beyond, as well as inward across to the hillside backdrop. There is a sense of vertical and horizontal expansiveness where the entire cottage becomes a verandah.

Colour is used in the louvered doors to create the identity of each cottage while at the same time allowing them to connect to the island–the inspiration drawn from the colourful fishing boats in the bay below. The proposal evokes a sense of conviviality where the cottages are in tune with the island.