Ocean Ridge House

 Ocean Ridge Estates, Bequia

Type: Residential

Status: Concept

Area: 500 sqm/5382 sqft

email: info@gbbdstudio.com

Instagram: @gbbdstudio

Ocean Ridge house is located on the northern end of Bequia. Here, untamed, sparsely inhabited and undeveloped land meets the wild Atlantic, with the beautiful Crescent Beach and rugged Park Bay stretching below. Across the horizon lies the Grenadine islands of Balliceaux, Battowia and Mustique. The design for the house responds to the client’s brief and the site’s unique characteristics–its exposure to the strong Atlantic winds, its sloping, rugged topography, wind-swept vegetation and the uninterrupted views of the islands beyond.

As per the client’s brief, the plantation style French House at Crescent Bay was used as an inspirational point of departure. The proposal draws from the idea of the thick plantation style stone walls. The walls are punctuated by openings, creating deep frames with adjustable timber louvers. These filter the strong and constant Trade Winds, while allowing one to engage with the rugged landscape and ocean.

The design response is one where architecture engages and filters the environmental conditions. As such the villa is split on three levels and cascades down the hillside reducing the visual impact and height. This arrangement gives the opportunity to introduce the climatically controlled sheltered gardens in-between—oases within the exposed landscape.

The house turns a wild, windy piece of land into a calm, breezy environment.  Here nature becomes space and space becomes a sequence of experiences defined by the light, the vegetation and the different intensities of Ocean Ridge’s distinctive Trade Winds. The result is a unique villa rooted in its context.