Saint Mary’s Bell Pavilion Joinery


Port Elizabeth, Bequia
Type: Heritage, new build
Status: Completed


Instagram: @gbbdstudio

The roof is supported by graceful timber arches made from Sapele, a high-density tropical hardwood with a distinct figure and lustrous iridescence. The arches branch from the four corners of the pavilion. The two arches on the east and west elevation brace the top gable roof while the two arches on the north and south elevation brace the lower shed. Additional arched bracing elements support the overhanging shed roof.

The timber structure and arches were designed with Interlocking joints increasing the strength of the roof. It was important that the design was as strong as possible given the possibility of hurricanes in the region. The timber arches were anchored into the concrete column base with bespoke designed steel brackets.

Detailed shop-drawings were produced showing dimensions of each individual timber member. Axonometric drawings were also produced allowing for communication of assembly. A plywood template was carved which allowed the arches to be precisely replicated each time. Without the use of high-tech CNC machinery, all elements had to be hand cut. All the timber pieces were pe-fabricated off-site, ready for installation.