Green Blue Building Design

In 2009 Gretel Mitchell and Hayssam Moubayed started their architecture practice, Grenadines Studio, on the island of Bequia in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Building their projects became a natural part of the process and in 2015 they founded Green Blue Building Design (gbbd)—bringing together the disciplines of architecture and construction.

Our approach

Our clients are homeowners and cultural and heritage organizations such as the SVG National Trust, The Diamond Trust and the Grenadines Partnership Fund. Our projects range from new buildings to renovations, bespoke joinery and furniture. We see each project as having its own individual narrative and we apply the same rigor and creative exploration to each project, regardless of scale.

Through our design process we develop our client’s ambition and vision to achieve engaging and distinctive designs—designs that are rooted in their context, connected to nature, meticulously detailed and carefully built. We use traditional materials in contemporary ways, expressed through our high level of craftsmanship.

We enjoy a close relationship with the construction on site. We believe that value is added to the project when we undertake the construction, ensuring the quality remains high and the project stays true to the client’s vision. We remain committed long after the project is complete, providing maintenance services and ensuring the building continues to provide our client with the place they envisaged.